Is Your Company Everyday Inventive and Reinventive?

Is Your Company Everyday Inventive™?

Revolutionary ideas and quantum leaps get all the attention. EVERYDAY INVENTIVE COMPANIES survive and thrive. Being everyday inventive isn't about creativity, innovation, pivots, new products, or even patent applications; it's about basic good business -- everyday improvements, incremental progress, and great execution. Great execution yields better than expected results. Everyday inventive companies achieve the greatest financial returns. They create sustainable value.

RE:INVENTION's Ten Guiding Principles for Everyday Inventive Companies

Adapt and Embrace Change

Agility, simplification, reinvention, change-ups, improvisation, initiative, and incremental continuous improvements can all drive value and long term growth. Change is a force of possibility. Adaptive companies outperform companies with non-adaptive cultures by a factor of 900 to 1 as measured by long term net income and stock price growth. Small steps every day achieve big goals and sustain progress.

Delight Customers (and Non-Customers)

Engage with them, collaborate with them, listen to them, build their trust and lifetime loyalty. Obsessively mine knowledge about your customers – even non-customers – until you develop broad and deep insights. Then give them what they don't yet know they need.

Prioritize Your People

Employees are as important (if not more important) than your customers. Great employee experiences drive great customer experiences.

Promote Diversity

Diverse teams solve problems more creatively than homogeneous teams. Diversity delivers competitive advantage and encourages non-conventional thinking. Gender diversity, ethnic diversity, age diversity, diversity of experiences and perspective. In addition to promoting team diversity, you need knowledge of diversity issues in a global context. Think globally.

Mine and Leverage Hidden Assets

Using what you've got in unexpected ways delivers surprise utility. Look beyond the obvious. Consider resurrecting ideas that were once tabled. What hasn't worked in the past may very well work now.

Encourage Experimentation and a Culture of Play

Invite imagination, inspire questions, and reward/incentivize both success and failure. Encourage internal cross-functional collaboration, productive friction, good-spirited competition, and creative destruction – punishing only inaction.

Collaborate Externally and Bridge Boundaries

Open ethos cross-industry collaboration -- partnerships, alliances and coalitions -- can create favorable opportunities and sustainable advantage. Successful companies don't just reconstruct boundaries, they bridge them.

Resist Rigid Processes/Methodologies

Inject planning and discipline without locking into or mandating ridged processes and methodologies. By using agile/responsive approaches and flexible/adaptive frameworks, you inspire practical solution finding from the bottom ranks of the organization up.

Place Lots of Little Bets Then Double Down

Be comfortable with uncertainty and adopt Darwinism when faced with risk. Track, monitor, and measure. Summarize progress. Then advance what adds value -- emphasizing great execution -- "temporarily tabling" the rest.

Avoid Relying on One Idea or Strategy

Don't go "all-in" on one idea. Sustained growth requires a balanced portfolio of strategies and the management capabilities to implement them.

INTRODUCING The RE:INVENTION EveryDay Inventive Diagnostic Test

Is your company's CHECK ENGINE light on?
Is your company everyday inventive?
Take RE:INVENTION's Everyday Inventive Diagnostic Test now.

RE:INVENTION's Everyday Inventive Diagnostic Test™ calculates your company's ability to innovate amid change and prevailing market forces. With 15 simple questions, the test is a breeze to complete. We'll tally your score and give you a quick analysis. We'll compare your company's performance with data sorted by industry, organization size, organization age, and geography. Quarterly checkups can track your company's innovation progress and culture shifts.

Let's begin

First, please provide some general information so we can anonymously compare your results to those of similar companies.


Answer the two questions below then click "next" for the next set of questions. You can go back to review your answers at any time until you click "GET YOUR SCORE" at the end of the test.

  1. 1 Why does your company want to innovate?

    2 Does your company support diversity?

  2. 3 Does your company have an innovation champion or champions?

    4 Does your company have top-level management support for organizational innovation?

  3. 5 Does your company have a budget for innovation?

    6 Does your company have an employee feedback process?

  4. 7 Does your company encourage/reward innovation and inventiveness?

    8 Has your company successfully introduced, reinvented, or evolved products, services, and processes in the past two years?

  5. 9 Does your company currently have a variety of new products, services, and processes under development?

    10 Does your company conduct employee training, brainstorming, and/or simulation activities?

  6. 11 Does your company participate in and capture customer-driven innovation via crowdsourcing, crowd-solving, consumer research, or social media?

    12 Is your company's intellectual property well-protected?

  7. 13 Does your company regularly use innovation tools?

    14 Does your company collaborate with external partners or vendors?

  8. 15 Does your company regularly measure and review progress, accept failure, and learn from both successes and mistakes?

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